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Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

>> Tuesday, July 31, 2007

There is nothing I love more in the winter than curling up in front of a fireplace with a cup of tea, a few biscuits (preferably a really good shortbread) and a really good book. That is my idea of contentment.

And we actually have two fireplaces in our home. Unfortunately neither of them is really in a good spot for such a relaxing activity and both sit below televisions. But, since Doug and I have been talking about adding on to the house in the next couple of years I’m thinking I could build my perfect room: craft tables and lots of storage for scrapbooking and sewing, book shelves built in to the walls and a comfy chair snuggled up right in front of a fireplace.

Clicking around I was able to find this site that lets you design fireplaces. Very cool. So, should I design the room to go with the fireplace... Or the fireplace to go with the room?


lila 7:17 AM  

Design the room around the fire place :)
Keeping in mind that you want the room to hold your projects as well--the size of the fireplace is important.

Are you thinking Gas or wood? In the wall or a stand alone?

Jody 7:28 AM  

In the wall, gas (no clean up!), preferrably in a corner. :)

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