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I'm Not Really Here

>> Monday, July 30, 2007

This week is going to be busy, busy, busy. Brenna is still working on using the potty so I am keeping an eye on her every minute. So far no accidents today. That's progress...

Right now I am also using part of the monster zucchini

to make chocolate zucchini cakes- one large bundt, one large loaf and a mini bundt in one of Brenna's pans.
Doug is working from home this morning so he can watch Caelan while I take Brenna to swimming lessons. Swimming lessons run through Thursday so Doug will be here every morning. It's a treat for the girls to see him in the mornings when he comes up from the dungeon to get coffee.
I finally started reading the last Harry Potter. I'm only getting in a few chapters at night before bed so it will probably take me until the end of the week to finish it. I really miss the days when I could curl up in a comfy chair and read all day.
I feel like I could ramble on but Brenna says she needs to use the potty and the zucchini cakes are almost done!


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