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Very Harry

>> Monday, July 23, 2007

After a very busy weekend filled with driving and extended family you would think that we would want to sit at home and relax on Sunday.

So did we. But after trying to relax with Brenna during Caelan's nap Doug and I realized that what we truly needed was some time away fro the girls. Because, honestly, sometimes you just do.

A quick phone call was made to my mom and about an hour and a half later the girls were both at her house ready to play with Grandma, and Doug and I were on our way to the mall.

We bought the new Harry Potter book, bought chocolate at Godiva, had dinner then went to the new Harry Potter movie.

So relaxing. And kid-less.

And then it was back to normal.

For the record: I enjoyed the movie. And I look forward to finding time to read the book. After I finish the book on potty training your kid in one day... and clean... and care for the girls... and make breakfasts, lunches, dinners...



So you are going to read harry POTTY first?

Jodi 10:38 AM  

Oh, I wish we had a babysitter living so close and on call. :) That sounds like a great way to spend a day.

Oh and I have started a contest today in honor of my birthday! Go over and check it out so you can enter to win!

Jody 12:26 PM  

William- I am sure magic would be vry helpful. I doubt there are any helpful phrases to be found... "pottius maximus" maybe?

Jodi- She is actually almost an hour away. But we were desperate and the girls absolutely loe spending time with her.

Jill 1:34 PM  

kidless....chocolate...bought book...saw movie... HEAVEN, I say. Heaven right there in I-O-WAY.

Me 11:21 PM  

But it's worth the wait. Trust me.

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