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Time for RECESS!!!

>> Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Monday was a rough day here at Casa Geek. Caelan is into everything now that she can crawl and pull herself up and Brenna was bouncing off the walls. I found myself raising my voice- ok, yelling- more times than I care to remember. It was hot and humid outside and I didn't need to be any crankier.

So I loaded up the girls and headed to Ankeny's new play place: Recess- Go Bananas. It just opened so it was our first visit.

The girls had a great time. There are soft play areas for babies and toddlers

A blow up castle for the younger set and a big blow up slide for larger kids, as well as a blow up catepillar tunnel.
Two jungle gym areas, this one with a small slide A trampoline, soft play blocks, ramps and tunnels. The larger jungle gym area has a bigger slide, a large "hamster tube" area and a trampoline.
There are also rides; the train is for smaller kids and is included in the cost. A few small rides take tokens while the larger train, helocopters and bumper cars require tickets or a ride sticker.
There is also a disco with a big screen playing kid friendly videos, face painting and an arcade.

The price is reasonable- $5 for 2 hours (no rides)- which is about all the time the girls can handle. Check the website for a complete list of prices.

Recess is adult friendly, too, with free Wi-Fi and a menu that includes salads and sandwiches along with pizza and other kid-friendly fare.

Recess also has safety precautions in place so noone walks out the door with your kids. You are given a ticket when you enter that says how many kids you brought in. You can't leave without showing your ticket. Doug actually met us there, so his ticket said "0 kids" while mine said "2 kids". He was carrying the girls out and was stopped by the attendant who let him in because he knew that Doug came in alone.

Recess gets the Geek Seal of Approval. We'll probably take a few friends there for pizza and fun on Brenna's birthday.

Of course we'll probably be back before then...


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