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Zell Miller

>> Wednesday, September 01, 2004

After reading so many good things about Zell, I had to go down to the TiVo and watch it rather than go to bed. See what I do for the blog-world!

All I can say is "Oh my God". The 9-11 Democrats need to rally around this man.

He started out by talking over the crowd's applause and cheers, but gradually the crowd got into his rhythms. As my wife pointed out, he wasn't there for the applause. Read his script, it is by far the most damning speech for the Kerry campaign.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pass Zell's speech on to as many Democrats as you know.

Zell was interviewed by Chris Matthews afterwards. Chris "Hardball" Matthews came off as a biased, bigoted, blowhard. Scroll down about 1/2 way for the interview. Read the whole thing to get an insight into NBC's pro-Democrat bias.


Doug Halsted 9:41 AM  

Blogs for Bush comments on Zell's speech from the Convention.

Doug Halsted 9:50 AM  

Something I noticed, but haven't commented on until now.
TV swamps convention with blatherWhen exactly did the primary goal of journalists become not talking to news-makers, but talking over them? CNN, MSNBC and Fox News boast that they're covering an event the broadcast networks are ignoring. But they're not so much covering it as smothering it, using the convention as fodder for a 24-hour run of radio-talk-with-pictures.

Doug Halsted 12:00 PM  

Exellent comments by Perry!

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