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Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I received a chain email that contained a letter from Jeremiah Denton about Kerry.

Being the geeky fellow that I am, I spent a few minutes and googled his name.

Here's a reprint of the letter in FrontPageMag
The link back to the Mobile Register brings up a blank page (no content, all ads)

Here's his expanded bio (no, the letter didn't say all of his accomplishments)

Bio from Congress

Here's why I recognized his name.
California Dems wouldn't let him speak on the floor during a July 4th celebration (they chose a retiring reporter instead).

Kerry made inflamatory remarks after he came back from the 'Nam and our service members suffered directly and we pulled out of the conflict when we were ahead as a side consequence.

To me, this is the most damning argument against Kerry for any elected office, let alone the presidency.


American Daughter 8:56 PM  

After the TET offensive, our troops were in good spirits. They thought they had the war in Vietnam almost won. Kerry and Fonda gave the North Vietnamese Communists encouragement to hang on until dissent back in the US could undermine the war effort. And then they fostered that dissent. So Kerry threw away the lives of the American patriots who died over there, including some I went to school with. He is a traitor, not a potential CINC.

American Daughter 8:57 PM  
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Doug H 11:02 PM  

You got that right. I haven't read all of Giap's memoirs, but from what I have, he states that radicals in America kept the revolution alive and gave them hope where there was only loss after loss after loss.

Had Johnson or Nixon sent a few brigades into the North, the war may have ended differently...

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