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Destination Ikea

>> Monday, September 27, 2004

Such a long weekend. Doug, good Republican that he is, volunteered to put up candidate signs on Saturday. I went along as navigator. We had a list of 60 stops. We drove around from 11am til 4pm and only finished 2/3rds! Granted, the final 3rd are in a portion of town that didn't used to be part of town so the addresses are very confusing. I used the trusty MapPoint this morning and we will finish tonight.

After that my brother, Jarod, and his girlfriend, Amanda, came over to continue work on Doug's new office. Jarod did a fine job on the trim and they, as well as Doug's friend John, were able to get the gi-normous desk moved down there. Hopefully we will have baby stuff moving into it's room & out of my office by the end of the week!!! Since I was of no help attaching trim or moving heavy objects I was relegated to purchasing alcohol & pizza. I took Amanda with me for this errand as a woman who is 8 months pregnant should really not be seen buying alcohol. Screams "classy", don't you think?

Sunday we drove to Minneapolis to visit "mecca" Ikea. I was after a decent closet storage system for the baby's room. I just couldn't see the sense in buying actual furniture until it was time to buy a nice bedroom set- like when she's 4 or 5. So we bought lots of organizational goodies and spent not-too-much money. The place is huge and, luckily, had many display areas with lots of places to sit. We left with a list of "wants" for our house as well as a firm resolve to visit on a weekday when there may not be so many people there.

Today I am trying to make heads & tails of all the baby stuff we have been given. My office currently has a path to my desk. If anything is needed off the bookcase or in one of my file cabinets a small moving truck is necessary. We are very fortunate to have such loving friends and family. In addition to all the loot we got from the baby showers we have been given LOADS of hand-me-downs. Crib, swings, clothes, activity centers & bouncy seats... you name it, we've got it. Brenna will certainly not need for anything her first year of life.


Doug H 11:04 AM  

Yes, several Explorer loads of hand-me-downs. Since babies go though clothes almost monthly, I'm sure we'll have stuff to hand down again. Who's next in line?

Lars 11:07 AM  

I know exactly what you mean. As parents of a child that wasn't necessarily coming when the parents were ready, we had lots of hand me downs and generous people to help us prepare for the baby, it was fantastic! Maybe next baby we can have a house and decorate the room and all that fun stuff. If you or Doug want anything female baby related, we have it for you! :-)

Oh...and I have officially added my first blog and it is http://theatretenor.blogspot.com now I will just have to have Doug help me figure out how to put links to other people down the side like yours has! Or how to use HTML in comments like this to direct people to my blog, since I tried and it didn't work for me.

Jody 1:04 PM  

Link to Lars' blog: Theatre Tenor

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