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Job Numbers

>> Monday, September 27, 2004

From August 2004 data we find that 139,681,000 people are currently working in the civilian labor force. This is household data and should include the self-employed. The average wage is $15.77.

From January 2001 data we see that there were 135,999,000 people employed then at an average wage of $14.02.

Subtracting one from the other we see that the US has ADDED 3,682,000 people to the labor force during the Bush administration and the average wage has increased by $1.75.

Yes, it is true that people have lost their jobs, as has happened since the industrial revolution began. But it's also true that not only did most of them find a new job, 3.7 million new jobs were created and at a slightly higher average wage than before.


Lars 11:22 AM  

I just wish that it was noticeable here in Iowa. I can't find the right job to save my life. Now, I'm not complaining because I DO have a job, but maybe you know what I mean. I guess me not being able to find the right job has nothing to do with Bush, so I'm just going to be quiet now...

The other thing that makes me frustrated with your comment is that I'm making significantly less than that average wage...and I really kind of need that average wage...

People lose their jobs every year, it's nothing to hold against Bush, I guess I don't think he has anything to do with whether people gain or lose a job. I'm politically naive though...

Doug Halsted 12:00 PM  

You're right, the president usually has little to do with job creation, it's just that he's at the top when things happen.

When I got out of the Army, I had a concrete goal for myself and set an aggressive timeline. It gave me something to focus on and I balanced all of my decisions on that scale. Sit down with Veronica and lay out what you want to do while she's in college and then what you'd like to do afterwards.

I made my goals, you can too.

American Daughter 6:24 PM  

This is a really good article, Doug. Thank you for collecting the hard data and providing analysis. Wish the MSM would use real data, and not just innuendo and opinion.

About finding a job: Many folk get their degree, and then just sit and wait for a job to find them. It won't. Some more assertive person will find that job first. Here is some advice.

(1) If you want one job, send out at least 100 resumes. That's less than $40 in postage. Out of that you should get three to five interviews, and at least one good offer. To stack the odds in your favor, you need to have a very large sample.

(2) The resume is only to avoid the discourtesy of cold calling. A week after you have mailed each resume, place a call to the department of the company that you
are interested in, not the personnel office. Ask first if the personnel office has forwarded your resume to the department. If not, be ready with a BRIEF statement of your capabilies.

(3) Get an organization chart for the company and learn some details about their recent work before you talk to them. Express a personal interest in their work. EG, I wish I had been here when you had the XYZ contract. I would have enjoyed contributing ABC.

(4) Be prepared to move. A very great number of Americans who are unemployed are sitting in little towns where there is no work. This is a great big country full of opportunity, but you have to go looking for the adventure. You have a wife and kids? You will need a travel trailer to go exploring.

(5) If you have a job, and it is not exciting, see what you can do to expand your present horizons. Ask your boss what courses you can take, or what business might be added to the company, in areas you want to grow. Ask him how he wants YOU to grow.

(6) Consider starting your own venture on weekends while keeping your present job. Clearly you have a computer. The whole world is at your doorstep.

metromon 6:21 AM  

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