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Kerry Campaign Still Focusing on Vietnam

>> Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I have to wonder just who is running the Kerry campaign. Even Bill Clinton knows that discussing Vietnam in any way, shape or form is doing nothing but hurting the Democrats. Yet here they are again, putting the focus on Vietnam, but this time it is Bush's record they are trying to work.

The Dems have launched a new attack ad (hmmm, I thought they didn't do attack ads?) Fortunate Son I tried to watch the whole thing, really, I did. Edited in the essence of "Farenheit 9/11" it was just too, well, you get the idea. Now, the part of the ad that really confused me was that they used parts of the recent 60 Minutes II interview. Two things make me question why they would do that:

1) Everyone from ABC to bloggers are all over that interview with speculation about it's facts. Why would you want to put something that is being questioned so much in a campaign video?

2) They used clips of former Texas Lt. Gov Ben Barnes saying that he "pulled strings" to get Bush into the National Guard when he was Lt. Gov. But he didn't become Lt. Gov until a year after Bush had entered the guard. Now, this is old news:
"I got a young man named George W. Bush into the National Guard when I was lieutenant governor of Texas, and I'm not necessarily proud of that, but I did it," Barnes said in the 45-second video, which was recorded May 27 before a group of John Kerry supporters in Austin. Barnes, who was House speaker when Bush entered the Guard, later became lieutenant governor.

He said he became ashamed after walking through the Vietnam Memorial and looking at the names of people who died.
When he was Lieutenant Governor of Texas?

According to the About Texas - Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Ben Barnes was Lt. Governor from 1969-1973. In the same quote, Barnes says that he "got a young man named George W. Bush into the National Guard when (he) was lieutenant governor of Texas," and AP immediately contradicts him, saying "Barnes, who was House speaker when Bush entered the Guard, later became lieutenant governor." This is confusing, but Barnes own words are clearly are incorrect, while AP (astonishingly) is correct.

It must have been "seared" in his memory. Want more? The Dirt on Ben Barnes Claims about Bush and the Air National Guard (Part 2)

And another thing that makes me wonder if the DNC wasn't involved in the documents scandal: It has not been a week since that interview. This is a documentary type ad, wouldn't it take a bit of time to put together? Hmmm..

And, in other news, NBC News and CBS News requested that that the Democratic National Committee pull the campaign video


Doug Halsted 8:54 AM  

I am a bad influence on you Honey if I've got you posting from two conservative web sites!

Doug Halsted 12:43 PM  

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