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Fisking Mark Shields

>> Thursday, September 16, 2004

CNN's Mark Shields tries to give advice to Kerry


Jody 4:38 PM  

Oh that was funny. Almost as funny as Kerry who stood in front of the National Guard for a speech and said things like this: For more than three centuries, as you know better than anyone, our National Guard has stood on the frontlines of freedom. And this: The Guard fought in that first great revolution, and has defended our country ever since, here in America and around the world. Like those who came before you, you joined the Guard because for you, threats to our ideals were a call to action. You joined because for you, sitting on the sidelines in a time of peril simply wasn’t an option. And you joined because for you, patriotism isn’t just about saying you love your country – it’s about living it every single day.

Didn't he have much harsher words for the Guard when he was speaking of George Bush joining the Air National Guard? Waffles anyone?

And, near the end of his speech he said this: That’s why, as President, I will add 40,000 new soldiers to our armed forces

My question Mr. Kerry is simple. How? How do you plan to add these troops? Do you plan to reinstate the draft? The republicans have not spoken a word about a draft and the democrats cry about how it will be wrong to impose it. So, again, Mr. Kerry, how do you plan to add 40,000 soldiers?

To read his entire speech click here It makes interesting reading. Have your waffles and syrup standing by....

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