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>> Monday, September 06, 2004

Roger Simon's blog is one of my daily stops (see the sidebar for a link). He has a roundup of intelligent posters on his site. Samuel left a post that I would like to re-post here...

Samuel on Roger L Simon's blog left comments that I think are worth sharing:

I am sure Fox News beating the major news networks in ratings during the RNC Convention (an all-time first), is going to drive these guys nuts, but they are just too blind with hatred to address it properly.

Zell Miller accused the Democrats of having an obsession to bring down our President that crossed the line of risking the destruction to our nation. I see the same thing in the MSM. I see a group that wants to destroy political enemies and media competition through aggressive negative means yet did Fox News become #1 by those very means? No it did it the old fashioned way, it outflanked them and put forward a better product.

When the Republicans took over Congress in 1994 it was because they brought forth an agenda, anything the Republicans did negative came back to bite. The Contract with America was simply 10 points of policy goals. Democrats and the MSM's obsession in those days of referring to it as a "Contract on America" just seemed cute to them yet it didn't do the job for them did it? These types of mistakes are exaggerated in today's media. I'll tell you how sick it is becoming for me.

When the Republicans call Kerry the most Liberal Senator in the Senate is that a smear or is it simply how he is most recently rated by a legitimate system of rating? They sure act like it is a smear. When they say Kerry missed certain key votes, is it a smear? When Kerry is called for supporting cutting the Military and Intelligence gathering capabilities, is it a smear? George Bush said that in Texas that "swagger" we see is called "walking", well what the MSM calls smears, I call truth. Truth sets free the innocent and condemns the guilty. John Kerry and the MSM can't hide their guilt so they will continue to attack the messengers.

When more often then not Democrat voting Swifty O'Neil refers to John Kerry as "Unfit for Command" is that a Republican smear? If 250 former Vietnam Vets came forward calling Bush unfit due to his skimpy National Guard service even without much further information, would the MSM declare them "Arms of the Democratic Party"? No way! These Swifties have multitudes of facts on their side and for every one inconsistency that might be found in their testimony, multitudes of other facts more then outweigh such inconsistency, yet the media focuses on the one to the favor of Kerry.

I give you Democrats some advice my father gave me. I was a good Athlete, but I can also have strong feelings about what is fair. He said, "Don't waste your time arguing with Referees and Umpires complaining about things you can't change, it wastes time, steals mental sharpness and just makes you look like a damn sore loser." I give Democrats that very same advice. Play the rules fair and square, the Referees are already on your side. When the calls going your way prove to not be enough anymore, don't go even further by crying, cheating, and acting like you are being robbed because you feel victory is a birthright. QUIT BEING SORE LOSERS.

People like winners, I will predict that many fence sitters are going to hop off of some fences and go with which ever Party wins the next big victory in a Presidential election. We have not had a Popular Vote winner (greater than 50%) since the 1980's and that is pretty damn significant if one thinks about it. I believe we see this day arriving.

It has been predicted that demographically the Democrats are poised for majority status as the demographics of population is changing to the favor of Democrats, however this is based on assumptions that should never be made. Who would have predicted 90% of African American's voting for Democrats, the Party of the Confederacy and Southerners for the Party of Lincoln? The truth is the Party that embodies progress and hope is the Party most deserving and that Party is not the Democrats, well not to this ex-Democrat that is for sure. They peddle fear and hate, and don't play fair. They are spoiled brat losers and I have no desire to be part of such.

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