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Victory is NOT an option

>> Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Jerry at MilBlog brings up a great point that For Kerry Victory is NOT an option...

Why doesn't Kerry want the US to win?


Jody 7:36 AM  

A good post, straight to the point, and a point well made.

Jerry 8:50 AM  

Hi, Doug! Thanks for the link!

I really think Kerry's totally focused on gaining the Presidency (Oh, it's a shiny toy! I want it!) But he's not looking at the duties and responsibilities of being President - on what would happen IF he gets elected. Most especially, he doesn't seem to look at the very HARD choices that the President is obliged to make and the policy courses that he has to stick to as anything that will have anything to do with HIS time in office.

I could be wrong, and it could be that he'll be a good President if elected, but what I've seen of the man so far makes me think that he'll say and do anything to get the job. And if that anything means that the US loses the WoT - that's a price he's willing to have us pay.

Doug Halsted 10:26 AM  

You do good work Jerry. I think you've identified Kerry's exact motivation. Do whatever's convenient AT THE TIME with little-to-no consideration for the future or for others. Democrats could have had a chance had Lieberman been nominated.

Jerry 12:06 PM  

I agree. Depending on what Lieberman came out with, he could have been a serious contender. But... when you look at the horse race they did on the candidates... (Al Sharpton, fer cryin' out loud? Kucinich? Come on, now.) well, he got shoved to the rail early - with no chance of recovery. Now they've got Kerry, and they're stuck with him. The ABB crowd thinks he's wonderful (since he's not Bush) but folks who are actually comparing the two aren't impressed.

Maybe this election will be a wakeup call for the DNC - but I doubt it. If Kerry loses, then they'll be able to scream loudly and justify the loss through Repubican cheating, not from having a inconstant candidate or an incoherent, contradictory platform. I think we may be looking at the new Whig party, rendering themselves irrelevant.

But it'll be a slow, noisy process.


Doug Halsted 11:33 AM  

Get Hugh Hewitt's book If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It

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