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Early Language Education

>> Sunday, September 19, 2004

I am going thru the list of referers to our little piece of the blogworld. I think most of the entries are from people clicking on the "Next Blog" button in the upper right hand corner as they are not related to politics or Iowa. It is a fun way to kill an hour or two.

I thought this discussion of early language education was very interesting since Jody is pregnant and little Brenna is due to join us in mid-to-late October. I think it's a good read for anyone teaching children as a parent/guardian/baby-sitter/aunt/uncle...


Jerry 7:49 AM  

FWIW, we've never used baby talk with the little guy. We sang to him, making up grammatically correct nonsense songs (Like 'Don't step on the cat', and 'Baby Stew' (which I used to make up verses about the contents of baby formula - old shoes, moldy socks, used motor oil, ham hocks, hubcaps and blown tires... you get the drift.)) and spoke to him in complete sentences from early on. I'd take him to Home Depot or Loews and tell him about things like mirrors and circuit breakers - and at 6 he's still fascinated by forklifts. You've got a whole lot of fun ahead... stay connected to your little girl!

Good luck!


Doug Halsted 11:34 AM  

I am just so fascinated how children learn. Our nephew went from giberish to complete sentences in a month. My brother has 4 (1 boy and 3 girls) and he and his wife have done a wonderful job, though I don't envy them the task. Brenna will be Jody and my first child and we are looking forward to the challenges and joys.

It's a good time for us to have a baby, Jody's sister has 2 boys less than 3, one of her brothers has a 6 month old, my brother has 4 (the youngest is 4). I grew up with a lot of cousins and it was really fun.

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