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Rekha blames Bush for the military draft bills in Congress

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2004

State 29 (see sidebar for link) pointed out Rekha's column implying that Bush is the one responsible for introducing the draft bills in Congress

Since the only ones talking about a draft are Democrats, why claim this to be a Bush plot? Projection anyone? Congressman Rangel claims that because the military has a 30% minority rate it's somehow a racist organization. Isn't the entire US population close to 30% of what liberals claim to be minorities? Why does a person's ethnic background have any bearing on their economic background or ability to find a job, or their abilities in the military? Why are the Democrats promoting such racist policies in the name of "fairness"?

Here's my letter to the editor: "Someone needs to tell Rekha Basu ("Bring back the draft? Say it isn't so") that the ONLY ones calling for a military draft are Democrats. Specifically for HR 163; Mr. Rangel (D-New York), Mr. McDermott (D-Washington), Mr. Conyers (D-Michigan), Mr. Lewis (D-Georgia), Mr. Stark (D-California), and Mr. Abercrombie (D-Hawaii). In the Senate, SR89 is sponsored by Mr. Hollings (D - South Carolina).

Since these bills are sponsored by Democrats and that Secretary Rumsfeld, senior officers at the Pentagon and President Bush all feel that not only is a draft unwarranted, it would actually HURT our war-fighting ability, why does imply that President Bush is responsible? One would think that a person working for a newspaper would actually be able to use facts rather than rely on the Democrats rumor mill."

Be sure to send yours!


Jody 11:49 AM  

The Register never publishes my letters to the editor. Even when I back them up with hard facts. I guess they just prefer to believe that all their readers are sheep. Baaaa....

Doug H 2:16 PM  

Blackfive has more comments. My favorite is from Steve H:
"It's kind of odd, the first generation in America that turned a drafted military into a bunch of "I don't want to fight this war" whiners was the generation of the Baby Boom.

The Revolutionary War wasn't exactly drafted, but if you wanted the Redcoats gone, you had to do what you could.

Civil War? It may not have been called "draft", but there were levies of soldiers raised.

World War I? Draftees by the boat-load, heading over the Atlantic.

World War II? From Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima, from Algiers to Normandy, a lot of the soldiers were draftees.
In fact, a bill to end the draft was on Roosevelt's desk during the mid-1930's, but he decided to keep the draft.

Korea? Draftees, also.

Vietnam...well, you know. Draftees. Baby Boomers.

By the mid-late 1970's, the military was full of disgruntled draftees. Drug use was rampant. There are stories of Generals who couldn't walk through the enlisted-men's area of the base without a personal body-guard.

And then the draft was iced, and the volunteer army was formed. A decade later, America's military was the most efficient fighting machine on the planet, with the best fighting tools.

Still are, even if things are a bit over-extended.

Like you said, we probably won't need to fight off China or Russia next year."

Anonymous 2:26 PM  

You are an inspiration to us all. I am a good little sheep. Baa Baa. Send one for me, Doug!


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