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Baby Preparations Move Onward

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2004

We took the stroller out of it's box a couple of days ago. Some assembly required, and let me tell you, Doug used the instruction manual. He had to- it was simply not self explanitory. We got the Ford Expedition of strollers. There are Hummer models out there- you know, more prestige, larger price tag, not really any better. We are prepared for next year's Farmer's Market. Too bad you need a baby for one of these things, it would have been really handy this past season. This fabulous stroller also has the "travel system"- a car seat/carrier and base. Soooo many thanks to my sister for installing it (and sacrificing a fingernail)! I enlisted her help as she has experience with car seats and the instructions were first written in Chinese, then translated to Spanish, and finally translated to English. They had to be- there is no way they were intentionally written to be so confusing.

I was sitting in my office this morning, looking at all the baby clothes, toys, blankets, diapers, swings... and my little path to my desk. I had previously sorted the washable items into piles- pinks, yellows, whites, colors (pale) and colors (bright). Why so many piles? Pinks were a load unto themselves, as were yellows. The rest of the colored clothes made 2 loads, so I figured that separating them would make sense. And there are 2 loads of whites. So, there I am, sitting, wishing I could do something with all this stuff.

Brainstorm! Well, it was actually more like a cloudburst, quick and fleeting but effective. Everything I purchased for storage in the baby's room is light and very portable. Sooo, I set up some of it in the guest room across the hall and began doing laundry and organizing. WooHoo! I feel so fulfilled!!! I can see floor! And I get to "ooh and ahhh" over all the cute outfits again!

I was IM-ing with my mom and mentioned what I was up to. She asked if I was "nesting" (that burst of energy you get before you go into labor). I don't think I am. But I am making Doug take me to Target tonight when he gets home... just in case. I am at 36 weeks, she could suprise us....


Doug H 9:15 PM  

Here's hoping that Brenna pops out on October 8th, then we can have a whole string of birthdays that week!

Lars 8:49 AM  

How exciting! You are nesting, I can tell ;-)

That stroller sounds about right for you two to have purchased. :-) Sound like a kick ass stroller though!

Some assembly required, tell me about it. I have spent some frustrated nights trying to put various baby things together, even WITH instructions. I'll never forget Kaia's crib as long as I live. We had to put it together for our apartment in Forest City, then again in Ames. Now keep in mind it was my cousin's crib for her babies. My dad and I tried forever to put it together, it just didn't make any sense, so we call and they talk us through it. Well, wouldn't you know, a year later when we moved to Ames we couldnt remember at all how to do it! Oh boy, that crib is something else.

I'm excited for you two!!

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