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Another American Hostage Killed

>> Monday, September 20, 2004

This alone makes me furious. However, I am irate listening to Mac & Mr. Fisher on the local talk station 98.3 WOW FM

Their argument is "Is all fair in love and war" or should al-Zarqawi be arrested and tried? I'm screaming at the radio, this is so absurd!

First, we are not in a war. This is an act of terrorism, plain and simple. Now, people can argue that we are fighting the "War on Terror". But either way, this is a terrorist activity. Terrorists do not play by the Geneva Convention. In past dealings with terrorists have we not learned that following the "rules" doesn't work with these people? Have we not learned that "playing nice" continues to get our citizens, and those of other countries, killed?

Mr. Fisher has just said that al-Zarqawi should not be killed for this one beheading. Ummm, didn't he take over a mosque and fire on to our military? Has he not lead an insurgency into a country in which he is not a national? Is he not threatening another beheading in 24 hours? When has he done enough for us to strike against him?

Another point that keeps coming up is "this guy was over there for the money". Does it really matter why he was there? He was a civil engineer. There are jobs there that need doing. If we didn't have civilians there helping to rebuild Iraq who would?

Depending on the side you are on we can't do anything right. We should be there, we shouldn't be there. We should leave now, we should help protect and rebuild. We should fight those who oppose Iraq being an independent country, we should let Iraq do their own fighting. The fact is that a dictator who murdered his people is out of power. Iraq is planning for their first un-rigged elections ever. And Iraq needs our help to rebulid their nation and protect their people. We are there right now at their invitation and request. To leave now would be irresponsible.

Well, I got on at the very tail end of the show, long enough to make my second point, but not long enough to really say what I wanted to.


Doug Halsted 7:49 PM  

Why should we give terrorists, who repeatedly attack Americans, American civil jurisprudence? Two things; 1-they aren't in America, 2-terrorism is an act of war.

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