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CBS on the chopping block

>> Friday, September 10, 2004

Dan Rather and the the rest of the CBS news honchos willingly put themselves on the chopping block over the probably forged documents.

The promised investigation into the documents by CBS will not happen. Rather is betting what little credibility CBS news has left in order to campaign for the Kerry camp. The only surprise is that this time they are being so open about it.

More info here, here, and here. A tidy little roundup here.

UPDATE: From a commenter on Roger L. Simon's blog (see sidebar for link)...

UPDATE2: From the Wizbang post above. Go to CBS News, scroll all the way down and click the contact us link, type up a nice (or not-so-nice) message about Dan Rather and/or 60 Minutes. See Annika for samples and comments.

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