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Kerry and Hanoi's "Humane & Lenient Treatment" of POWs

>> Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Michael Benge explains history to Senators Biden and Kerry.

I think we can all agree that the North Vietnamese tortured our guys during the war. I'm not talking about taking pictures in compromising poses, but real torture. Michael rebuts Senator Biden from his own experience as a POW for 5 years. He further points out that (emphasis mine):

After the release of American POWs during Operation Home Coming in 1973, the U.S. government handed the North Vietnamese communists a list of over 300 American servicemen known to have been captured alive and had been in the hands of the NVA but had not been released.

Despite assurances by Senator John Kerry that the Vietnamese communists have been fully cooperating in the accounting for POW/MIAs, less than 50 sets of remains of the 300 servicemen have been returned.

In the 1993 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, Kerry parsed the committee's final report by stating that there was no evidence of any live POWs remaining in Vietnam; on the other hand, there was no evidence that any of the 300 POWs were dead.

By parsing the language of the report, if they were alive, Kerry had sealed their fate - it was a death warrant condemning them to death.

Admittedly, 20+ years may be too long to expect a person to survive a prison camp, but Kerry didn't even try to get our boys (or their remains) home. I don't know of a single military officer that would have left comrades behind. Especially one that fought in the conflict. Does the man not believe in anything? How can he sleep at night knowing that he sanctioned the murder of 250 or so of our servicemen? How can he even consider running for president when we can't even trust him as a senator to do what's best for the US and those that fight for our freedoms?

This is the big slap on the face for any veteran or currently serving service member. I think the reception Kerry received in front of the VFW and National Guard conventions was entirely too polite. Kerry should be booted out of the Senate for repeatedly working against our interests. Massachusetts, are you listening?

Another gem from the article:
All three were creations of the KGB-funded World Peace Council with a budget of $15 million per year, and part of a worldwide propaganda program that included funding for anti-war demonstrations in the US. This KGB-funded effort was intended to boost communist morale that the war in Vietnam was being won, and demoralize the American public that the war in Vietnam was being lost.

General Giap said in his memoirs that after Hue and Tet I, North Vietnam was ready to sue for peace. Except a funny thing happened. The US media and radicals in the States started making the case for the communists. The NVA's strategy shifted to survival, willingly aided by liberal elites here at home. Kerry was a part of that process.

Again, why isn't Kerry behind bars, let alone in the Senate?


Jody 7:41 AM  

As I've said numerous times, we have a law against treason. We haven't used it correctly since the 50's. And when I say correctly I mean that we haven't put anyone to death for treason since the 50's. To aid & comfort the enemy is beyond redemption. Senator Kerry deserves nothing better than what he left our soldiers and POWs to face after he spoke to the Senate in '72.

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