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CBS is going down

>> Thursday, September 09, 2004

CBS purchased some documents they thought incriminate Bush's TANG records. However, it quickly became apparent that the documents may not be legitimate.

UPDATE: Roger L. Simon has more about Ben Barnes. It seems he's come out as being the one that "got Bush in the Guard" when he was Lt. Governor of Texas. Ooops, the fact checkers at CBS missed the fact that Bush enlisted in May 1968 and Barnes became Lt. Governor in 1969. If fact, Barnes was the US Representative to the UN in Geneva in 1968. I'd say that the memory "seared" into his brain is not correct.


Jody 5:02 PM  

It will be interesting to see how this falls down. Will the other media outlets protect CBS by hiding this story on back pages? Will FOX and the internet be the only place we can get this information? And just who was this purchased from? I hope that can be tracked down... hopefully to someone close to the Kerry campaign. :)

Jody 5:33 PM  

If you are wanting more info on Bush's National Guard Service

Jody 9:47 AM  

And another article on the Authenticity of Bush memos on Washingtonpost.com. I particularly love these bits:

The doubts about the documents left the White House and the Bush campaign in a state of suspended animation, with Bush aides encouraging doubts about the documents but conceding that the possibility that they were forged seemed too good to be true. White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said that officials there had not attempted to authenticate the documents but simply released copies "provided to us by CBS in the interests of openness."

The Bush administration's strategy yesterday was to let news organizations raise doubts and conduct forensic examinations, without taking an official position on whether the documents were genuine.

Jody 10:03 AM  

And another (Doug asked me to add this): Blog v. 60 Minutes

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