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Kerry losing the women's vote

>> Sunday, September 19, 2004

A recent article by the LA Times shows Kerry losing his lead with women voters.

Personally I am not suprised by this. His campaign really hasn't spoken to women. This article is quite good in pointing out the campaign's faults.

As a soon to be mom I have to admit that my views on many issues have changed as I have gotten older. I believe that when you are younger you have more idealistic ideas, that you perceive more injustice in the world. As you get older your life begins to take on a different meaning and your ideas become more focused. What was once important to you is now non-existant. As you have done for yourself you begin to wonder why others can't- or don't. And why they must be supported by the money for which you work so hard to support your own family.

I joined an online club for moms: Club Mom . They recently had a poll Voice of Mom . One of the most telling results of this poll was this: While so many things unite moms, politics do not. Despite the fact that most describe themselves as Democrats, the majority of moms favor George W. Bush (52 percent) over John Kerry (43 percent) in this year's presidential elections.

This, I believe, is a very telling poll. Marketing groups have realized that women and mothers make the majority of family choices in this country. George W. Bush's campaign advisors realize this as well. John Kerry's team seems to believe that we need to relive the Vietnam era- in all ways. Cookies & milk, anyone?


Doug Halsted 5:50 PM  

Honey, can I have one of your fabulous brownies? :-)

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