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Kerry on health care

>> Friday, September 10, 2004

Although I was unable to find this is print anywhere (probably beacuse it is one of the stupidest things Kerry has said yet) I did hear it on the local CBS news. At a campaign stop in Des Moines yesterday Kerry talked of passing a bill that would have the government importing legal drugs from Canada.

Now, I recall once hearing that drug costs in the US are so high because foreign countries that purchase drugs from us (such as Canada, Africa, India, etc.) cannot afford to pay the full price, so they are given a lower price to make the drugs more affordable for their people and the cost is hiked up in the US to cover their savings.

Now, if Kerry's idea were to follow through wouldn't like be like the US paying for the drugs twice? That's how it adds up on my calculator.


Doug H 1:37 PM  

It's just Kerry once again showing how little he knows about the market system.

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