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Aiming for Iran

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2004

M. Simon at Power and Control sent me to a couple of posts at Cafe Arabica, an online Arab-American community.

The thread starts out with the LA Times version of Bush's speech to the UN General Assembly. Simon points out that it looks like Iran is next, either politically or militarily.

Look at an atlas. We have troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Turkmenistan. We have agreements with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan. Iran is surrounded.

Don't think we can take on Iran? Listen to Faust.

But, you know what I think? I think any DIRECT Invasion may not be necessary. We can goose Iran over the rim by surgical strikes on about a dozen sites. Nothing can stop us. It will be fast and precise. And we can give Iran a demonstration if they want to fight. We can pick the ground and set them up. And we can do them to a turn and let them savor it. We will get everything we want.

Do you think the men in the Pentagon are a bunch of simple jocks with base ball bats and bananas?
If you do take another look and do TRY to learn your lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq. Two very different wars and they went like ballet. And the Jihadis got wackbagged. Well, What do YOU call it?

The name of the game is winning and the Pentagon is very good at their work. Jihadis cut off heads? We cut off whole flags. Whole countries disappear. Fast too.

Three weeks seems to be the breaking point for the radical left in America. Anything past that and it's time to break out "quagmire". Who cares that most wars in our history have taken years to resolve.

Sit down and take a deep breath. Now return to yesteryear and a hearty Hi Yo Silver.

Take your little dreamy consciousness back to BEFORE Afghanistan. You there yet? Sitting inside your head back then, remembering, all comfy? Now RELIVE your Jihadi dreams for me. Good, got it down? The Americans are such fools, who do they think they are they will be swimming in their own blood just like the Russians, quagmire, mighty mujihideen, disgraceful defeat...savor it. Now what actually happened, Allahboy? The Russians couldn't do it in ten years and we did it in three weeks.

But Iraq will be different, you say?. The mighty Army of Saddam, it is to laugh at the feeble go it alone of the monkey Bush and his feeble forces of Imperialism against the new Nebuchadnezzar Republican Guard. The Americans are going to be swimming in their own blood. Bagdad Bob shows you the steel fist of Allah. Got that firmly fixed in your awareness?

Now replay what actually happened. OO00pps! That was fast. Want to see it again?

Now fast forward to modern times. Al-Sadr will show the American what's what. Najaf and the heart of the pure faith against the quivering Americans...justice will triumph. al-Sadr is Iraqs best hope to unite and DUH-rive the Americans out. Shoo! Shoo!, begone foul Infidel! We will fight to the last man and our hearts are pure. As Allah is my witness.

Tell it to the Marines.

Or we of go forward a bit ( say one month )Fallujah will spit on the Infidel, hand me the goat knife ,Abdrool, there are heads to be collected. The Foreign Fighters from Syria and Saudi have everything stacked and ready and the sandbags are everywhere. They will never take us here. Allahu Akbar. Ptui! Ptui!

Kiss it goodbye, the whole thing is a bleeding Arab dream.

There will be Iraqi Elections in January. Allawi will have a new Army and a new Police Force. Fallujah will be as quiet as a newly swept floor. The Violence will drop off. The Oil will go back to pumping. The police will bring in Zarquawi at some point and like a lot of other Jihadis he will sing and keep on singing. People like Zarquawi always sing.

Saddam will be turned over to Allawi for trial. He won't be sent to Switzerland to be tried by the EU. And that settles a lot of scores. 2005 is the window of opportunity for collapsing Iran. IT WON'T be put off until later. The UN will have a minimum of input. It will happen like a cattle prod in your mouth while you are dreaming of Momma.

And Allah will scratch Himself and fart.

Wish I had written that.


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