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You Can Make A Difference

>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

By now you’ve probably seen the commercials or the advertisements by the Alzheimer's Association about the annual Alzheimer’s Walk. This event raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Since 1989 over $225 million has been raised.

I’ve done charity events before and you really get a sense of satisfaction and camaraderie as you join so many others for a common cause.

“But no one has asked me to join a team, “you say. Why wait for some one else? You can be a Team Captain. Because maybe some one you know is just waiting to be asked. As team captain you can hand-pick you team. Friends, family, work associates, church groups… You only need nine people to form a team. Once your team is formed, gather everyone together and have a fundraising party! The Alzheimer’s Association is always by your side offering tips and support. Being a Team Captain couldn’t be easier. Or more rewarding.

Now, I have been very blessed that no one I know has suffered from this terrible disease. The closest I've come to "knowing" someone was seeing Ronald Raegan's family discuss their ordeal. I truly believe this is a disease worse than death for the families. I cannot imagine the helplessness you must feel knowing that your loved one has no idea who you are.

Every little bit helps. Why not make a difference today?


lila 4:39 AM  

Alzheimers is a devastating disease. I have known and cared for far to many people with this disease from early to later stages.

Early stage is heartbreaking in that the person knows he/she is loosing him/her self. Later stage leaves nothing more than someone who looks like the person you knew.

There is no dignity with this disease--none. Familys are forced to watch their loved ones act in ways that do not seem possible. Then comes the silence--the empty shell that sits and doesnt eat until death claims them.

Many confuse Alzheimers with dementia but they are not even close.
Dementia sees short term memory loss and confusion but the person is aware of his/her world even if they think its 1940.

Great post Jodi...........

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