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And Then It All Hits The Crapper...

>> Thursday, August 02, 2007

OK, I wish it were all hitting the crapper because Wednesday morning I cleaned up not one, not two, but 4 "accidents". One with poo. All in the space of 3o minutes. And all within minutes of Brenna getting off the potty.

"What happened?" my mind was screaming. OK, maybe it came out of my mouth along with other words...

It seems that Brenna made a decision to not use the potty. Grrr...

By nap time I had had enough. I put her in a Pull Up and stowed her in her room while Caelan napped. Both girls woke with nasty pants.

Brenna was great at the chiropractor and grocery store. No accidents. And she held in all the water, juice and milk until shortly after 7pm. You can imagine the great sounds Doug came home to: Brenna's wails, Caelan's fussiness because Brenna was crying and my insane babbling. Yep, that's relaxing.

But she did finally go... And then it was bedtime. Glorious bedtime.


Jill 10:33 AM  

I feel for you during this very trying time... I'm headed there myself in 6 months or so.

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