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A Ride Through the Country

>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Midwestern fall days were made for bicycling. Coasting down long country hills, the wind in your face and the smell of freshly mown hay wafting through the air makes you thank God that so many refer to us as “fly-over country”. The leaves slowly change color from green to red, orange and sienna. The animals begin to scurry through the fields searching for corn or beans to store away for winter. A small roadside park becomes a destination unto itself, perfect for a picnic lunch while you watch the clouds change from fluffy puffs of white to fanciful creatures.

Although Iowa isn’t known for it’s beaches I look at these beach bicycles and can’t help but think they would fit right into this beautiful day. Vanilla with flowers makes me want to attach a wicker basket to the front for picking daisies. The classic yellow just calls for sparkly streamers from the handles. And on the light blue you could blend into the sky and fly.

And right now all beach bicycles are only $88.

Which leaves you no excuse. Unless, of course, you don’t live in the Midwest. But then, I guess, you may actually be near a beach. So I suppose you could ride there…


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