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Tea and Bagels... Join Me

>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have Irish Breakfast tea and bagels. Sit down. Chat with me.

My in-laws arrived yesterday afternoon. I thought they would be here all week but it turns out they will be heading up to spend a couple of days with Doug's grandmother so they will be here two nights and stopping through to see us one final time before heading back to Doug's aunt's home on Friday. It's a shorter visit than I had anticipated, which is actually nice as I wasn't sure just what to do with them while Doug was working. But it also means that we won't be making a return visit to the fair. No butter Harry Potter. And no photos seem to be appearing anywhere online. (Awww...)

Recently I have been noticing the traits the girls have gotten from Doug & I. Brenna and Doug can sleep in. Caelan and I tend toward waking early. Brenna and Caelan both have my lack of patience. Both have Doug's eyes. Brenna is the image of me at that age. I see more of Doug in Caelan's features.

Tonight is "meet the teacher" night at Brenna's preschool. Parents only, so the girls will be home with grandma and grandpa. They won't even notice we're gone. Beginning the Wednesday after Labor Day Brenna will be in school twice a week for two hours each time.

And now my house is beginning to stir. I know I had something to actually say but, as usual, my mind and my hands are on different wavelengths.


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