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An Offer So Good, It's Mint

>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

Around our house credit card offers flood our mailbox daily. Brenna enjoys "buying" with the "credit cards" that come with the applications and our paper shredder enjoys the fine letterhead the offers are sent on.

Often these offers are worse than our current rates, but I do keep my eyes open for offers that may be better. So this credit card offer from Mint caught my eye.

I really love their "extra" services:

We'll send you a host of very special offers all through the year. In the past cardholders have enjoyed huge savings on Easter Eggs from Chocolate Express, London breaks and West End shows as well as high street retailer discounts. (London breaks, huh? I could go to London.)

This is a free travel service with money-saving deals on all types of holidays. From skiing to scuba, weekend breaks, to longer-haul destinations. We'll send you regular news about how you can make big savings. And if you use your MINT Card to book anything, we'll drop the usual 2% fee. So dive in. (A credit card company waiving a fee? Unheard of!)

Shop online with the MINT+ Wine Club in association with Laithwaites. Enjoy fine wines from around the world direct to your door. Once you join you'll receive regular updates of wine lists and special offers, including exclusive tasting events. (Wine direct to our door... Doug likes wine.)
It won't hurt you to check it out. And, since it's backed by The Royal Bank of Scotland, you can say that you have an "overseas account".


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