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What $320 Looks Like

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yep, that's it. Four bras and 3 panties. I have to commend Doug for not fainting when the very sweet girl at Nordstrom -who spent a very long time fitting me and helping me- presented him with the total.

I know what you're thinking, those of you who can actually buy your bras from Victoria's Secret, or even Target. You're thinking, "There is no way in God's green earth that I would spend an average of $72 on a bra!"

Well, my friend, you would if you were a size G or H. Which is what I am. Difficult to imagine, isn't it? Especially considering that my ribcage is 34 inches. If I were 8 inches taller with my same proportions I would be built like a Barbie doll.

BQQbs like mine make shopping for everything very difficult. Swimsuits? Beyond painful. One piece suits are not really an option because if they fit on the top they are about 6 sizes too big on the bottom. Button down shirts must be tailored. T-shirts have to be cut just right or they hang straight down and I look wide (and no woman wants that). They are a constant trial. And my poor daughters will probably not escape the annoyance. Women in Doug's family aren't exactly small breasted, either. Poor Doug- he may have to get a second job to pay for bras.

Thank your lucky stars if you can get by with spending under $30 on a bra. Guys, get your girl a VS gift card and thank her for being able to buy her bras there. You didn't know how lucky you were, did you?

And if you have a problem finding a bra that fits let me suggest a visit to Nordstrom. They have an amazing selection. And fitters who really work with you until you're satisfied. And, in case you're wondering, my bras are various Fayreform and Le Mystere Dream Tisha aka "Oprah's Bra". Both terrific for those of us who can't shop just anywhere.


Fantastagirl 8:39 PM  

I tried to review your post - but it won't let me... any suggestions?

Jill 10:21 PM  

I think there are lots of things less appealing your husband could have spent $320 on. ha! I have one Nordstrom bra and I love it!


Holy cow...G and H?

Marie 7:03 PM  

Ouch. I guess I should thank God for small favors (literally.... )

Anonymous 11:40 AM  

See Oprah's favorite bra at www.branyc.com. It's really very comfortable :)

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