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Zombies are to Halloween...

>> Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Growing up I devoured Stephen King, Michael Creighton and Dean Koontz novels. As far as books went, the scarier the better. But the horror films never seemed to live up to my own imagination. Except Children of the Corn. Every time they come out of the corn it gets me. Still.

But, over all, horror films seemed to be a let down. Of course, they have gotten better (if that is the correct word) over the years. More gruesome, more bloody, more realistic… Just more of everything.

And this one, Halloween the movie, looks to be all of the above. It looks to be more…

Halloween the movie comes from the mind of Rob Zombie. When it comes to horror he doesn’t disappoint. The man has a mind that goes places mine can’t even comprehend. What he is attempting this time is both a prequel and a remake of the original Halloween movie. With, I’m sure, more violence, nudity and sex. I wasn't a fan of the Halloween series, it was just too cheesy for me.

This one seems to have no "cheese". The trailer makes me shudder and I’m sure the movie would leave me with nightmares for weeks. Which is what a good horror flick strives to do. If that’s your idea of a good movie, you’ll surely want to check this out when it releases August 31.


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