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C is for Caelan

>> Monday, August 06, 2007

With all the potty training updates I haven't mentioned that Caelan had a big week, as well.

In an attempt to keep my carpet relatively clean I have Brenna put her drinks near the middle of the coffee table. From a couple feet away Caelan could see the juice but when she got to the table she couldn't see or reach it. She obviously wasn't happy about not snagging the goodie so she spent last week doing pull-ups until she finally got up on her feet- and snagged the juice. Now that she's a standing pro she is up more than she is down.

Caelan also had her first big boo-boo on Saturday. I was heading out the door for some "Mommy Time" and Caelan was utilizing her new standing skills on the foam Dora chair in the kitchen... When it foam gave way and she fell on her face. And bit into her top lip with her new top teeth.

You can imagine the scream that brought me rushing to the kitchen where Daddy was already cuddling. By the time I got there her lip was swelling and the blood was flowing. An ice cube wrapped in a washcloth met with resistance but a popsicle was welcomed as an aid to bring down the swelling. Of course.

Note to self: Popsicles cure almost everything...


Jill 11:15 AM  

Oh, that first boo-boo is hard. Adam had several in one weekend and the band-aids and popsicles were plentiful.

Fantastagirl 5:34 PM  

first boo-boo's are always the toughest! Popsicles are a miracle on a stick!

Unknown 8:26 PM  


Yes, popsicles and Band-Aids..the cure alls.

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