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It Was Electrifying

>> Monday, August 13, 2007

Last night ended with a stroll around our neighborhood. About half way through our walk we were noticing lightning in the distance. Because the thunder was not far behind we picked up our pace. A few seconds later Doug said,"Hon, your hair is standing on end." And a couple of seconds after that Brenna's was straight up, as well. It was like we had rubbed balloons on our heads to create static electricity- minus the balloons. Not really a good sign when you are out walking as there is a current path "open" for the lightening.

Since we were close to the home of one of our pastor's we decided to see if the girls and I could take shelter there while Doug ran home to get the car. Better safe than sorry, you know. Gracious people that they are, we were invited in, given a ride home- and a plate of cookies.

After the girls were put to bed Doug and I retired to the office to catch up on everything we hadn't done in the past couple of days. And our internet connection was out. So, while the lightening didn't get us, it did get our internet.


lila 8:45 AM  

It seems to have gotten everyones internet and a few computers with it :(
Even with high priced UPS devices! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Yes--I am whining :(

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