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>> Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yesterday was busy. I was out the door at 8am for a VIP Customer thing at Archiver's. I made a really cool tin and cards. You may want to watch for a special bribery post soon...

And last night was Doug's 20th high school reunion. So we traveled to a very small town in the southwest part of the state. When we arrived we noticed the new town motto right away: Greenfield- Like No Place Else. Doug and I looked at each other and both wondered, out loud, "is that good?"

Which remindes me of this great town motto, also in southwest Iowa:

You know, just in case you wondered where they were...

But back to Greenfield. We drove around a bit and noticed the entire town really needed a coat of paint. We were early so we decided to go into the Old Hotel Restaurant and Lounge.

I was expecting a nice restaurant. Instead we walked into a cafe. The bathrooms, however, were amazingly nice. Honestly, a better ambience than the "lounge". I ordered a Bailey's and Cream. "No cream" I was told. OK, Bailey's on the rocks, then. Doug ordered a C&C neat. The "bartender" (I used that term very loosely) looked at Doug and had no idea what he meant. "We're not from the city", she said as an explanation. OK...

The actual reunion was taking place at the local bowling alley. We exited the Lounge to see my sister standing in front of our truck. Her husband was Doug's best friend in high school, remember? Anyway, she was wondering where we were as no one else was there.

So we went in and decided to bowl a round. I got two strikes, thankyouverymuch, and still lost. Badly. Jen was baffled that we had to keep our own score. And, sadly, only two of the six lanes worked. At least the drinks were cheap... $2 for a Mike's Hard Lemonade and 40 cents for a can of Pepsi. When we left I told Doug that they should have doubled their prices- noone from out of town would have batted an eye. Maybe they could have fixed their lanes.

All in all it was a good night and Doug was glad he went. But it really brings home just how far we have come...


Jill 11:17 AM  

That is one thing I like about our visits to Iowa...cheaper prices! I used to get a great lunch in my hometown for $2.50.

*carrie* 5:49 PM  

So funny--I love all those great small town mottos!

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