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How Wize Are You?

>> Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Like so many people we have investment “working” for us. And, like most people who have investments, we tend to rely on our investment broker to take care of us. Yes, we’re sheep. Yes, I know we should be handling more of it ourselves. But with life going on all around us it’s hard to find the time.

Recently The Wizetrade Blog came to my attention. Content on this blog comes from the professionals at Wizetrade, a tool for researching and trading stocks.

The Wizetrade Blog promises to be full information about securities and the Wizetrade product. After just a few minutes of reading I found these very handy tips:

10 Common Mistakes New Traders Make
1. Not using money management
2. Failure to set realistic expectations
3. Lack of patience
4. Trading against the trend
5. Let losers run too long/cut winners short
6. Failure to use consistent method
7. Following too many stocks
8. Getting too emotional
9. Not learning how to sell short
10. Not fixing mistakes made
Let’s see… I’m guilty of #’s 1, 3 and 8. What about you?


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