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Mommy, Daddy, KITTY!!!

>> Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Caelan has three words she uses with regularity which can be completely understood. Otherwise she communicates with what is (to me) nonsensical garble and pointing. Which actually gets her needs across quite well.

The first thing she said, of course, was "da-da", but as she was just saying it and not meaning Daddy, I don't really consider it her first word. However,"Daddy", when she wanted Doug, soon followed. "Mommy" arrived a couple of days later, when she wanted out of her crib.

But, by far, her favorite word is "KITTY!!!" She screeches it when she sees the cat. Or when she sees a picture of a cat. Or when she sees a fuzzy creature that doesn't resemble a cat in any way.

And, though "uh-oh" gets a lot of use and "duckie" is being learned, I think the sheer joy of "KITTY!!" makes me smile the most.


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