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Blogger Meets Blogger- IRL

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You know how it is... You think you know someone from how they portray themselves online. You get to read their likes and dislikes, you "go through" their pregnancy with them, you know all sorts of things about them.

And then you get "the email". You know, the one that says "Why don't we meet?"

I got one of those the other day from Tamara, a fellow Iowan, mommy of 2 and wife to a guy who enjoys talking politics.

Her husband had work stuff in Des Moines so she and the kids (Scott and Bethany) were along. We met at the Science Center this morning for a couple of hours.

Caelan is actually standing on her own. Very exciting.
Brenna plays peek-a-boo with her sister.
Brenna was really big on holding Scott's hand. Except she kept calling him Skylar. Which is weird because although a friend of mine has a dughter named Skylar we don't see her very often. I'm not sure why she was latched on to that name.
The floating ball was fascinating.
Brenna & Calean share a treat after lunch.

The kids had fun and I really enjoyed meeting Tamara. She is absolutely adorable and looks great for just having had a baby. (Sorry, no pics of the baby- she was having a bad day. Being away from home can do that to a person.) Of course, you don't really get to talk much when you have one eye on wandering kids. Nevertheless I had a good time. And I hope that the next time they are in town we can all get together. I think Doug and Ryan would have plenty to talk about...

AND Brenna asked me, "Mommy, where did they put the bathroom?" YES! She asked to use the potty while we were out!! WooHoo!!!!


Fantastagirl 8:53 PM  

You got to meet Tamara??? I live so close...yet so far (she drives through my town alot, and is here for work). I am sure her little boy is just as cute in person as in pictures. Glad you had a great experience, sometimes those bloggers surprise you and they turn out to be really awesome people!

Jill 10:47 AM  

oh! Another Iowa gal. I'll have to go check her out.

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