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And Nothing on a Stick...

>> Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yesterday the girls and I ventured to the Iowa State Fair with my mom. It was a hot, muggy day but we were prepared. Lots of sunscreen, bottles of water in a cooler in the stroller and a blanket to place on the ground under a tree...

We parked about 5 blocks away so when we finally got onto the fairgrounds we were hot and thirsty. We found a root beer float stand, bought one and found a tree with plenty of shade. Brenna drank the root beer while Caelan enjoyed the ice cream. She also enjoyed watching the skygliders crossing above us.
Then we were off to see animals. Brenna thought the calf's ear was incredibly soft.
She really liked petting the cows. Fearless little monkey just walked right up to them. We had to steer her away from the big ones to smaller calves that wouldn't accidentally stomp her.
The fair just isn't as fun when you're confined...
Here's the biggest bull this year. 3,322 pounds. He's a Limosin, but I think he looks like he could have some bison with the curly fur around his head...
Brenna liked holding the fuzzy baby chick.
Caelan even touched one. Here's the big pig. A 1203 pound Duroc. Honestly, you can't breed these huge animals- they would crush a normal sized female. What do you do with them?

Ahhh, time to cool off in the Pella fountains. Yes, we planned for this and brought extra clothes.

As I said, Brenna is fearless. She touched this snake 3 or 4 times. The "rocker chicks" in the background were all "ooohh, I can't touch it. I'm gonna cry if you make me get closer". Then get away. Honestly, anything for attention. (Alice Cooper was playing the stadium later- I'm assuming that's why they were done up in the 80's attire)
When Doug joined us it was time to eat. As Brenna works the straw into her milk carton Caelan decides that lemonade is the better drink.
Brenna is still working on the straw but Caelan has moved on to roasted corn on the cob.
We toured the (air conditioned) varied industries building. Every year we stop at this display because they have beautiful Victorian Lights. They also have an elephant and pig for the kids to play on. (and a shameless plug for them: Chick-A-Pen Hill: Victorian Exterior Lighting, Elkhart, IA 800-535-2959. They have gorgeous stuff)
I didn't see the butter Harry Potter. But, never fear, we will return to the fair next week with Doug's dad...


Fantastagirl 10:50 PM  

Looks like a hot, but fun time!

Maybe next year I'll convince my sister to go with me and take the kids to the fair!

Marie 6:53 AM  

Very fun!

That bull is incredible!!! And the pig? That's a LOT of bacon. There's no way I could have touched the snake. Holy cow!

The girls are such cuties -- is Caelan looking more & more like her Daddy or what?!

Tamara B 3:50 PM  

Jody, how I've missed reading your posts. It was good to get a quick update! Being a SAHM is fun and tiring. I've actually been able to fix my hubby a few meals :) Great to read about the fair. We talked about going down and taking hubby's grandparents since hubby is actually off this weekend but its not going to work. That might be a good thing with this heat... 88 today?!?!?!

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