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Morning Rambling

>> Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Caelan is sitting on the floor with a cup of milk and Cheerios. She's content. I am so relieved that she has become an enjoyable child. She wasn't for quite a while and I honestly wondered if a second child was a good idea. Don't get me wrong, we loved her- I just wasn't so sure that she loved us.

Brenna is still in bed. She's a potty pro now. I wasn't sure she would be; actually thought I failed the whole "potty party" thing. She recognizes when she needs to use the potty and heads that way. Now she seems even more grown up and so much less like my baby.

Doug is getting ready for work. I've got to get his breakfast ready soon and find out if I should pack a lunch. He has a deadline coming up and Wells Fargo seems to be bringing in food on a daily basis. One day he'll email me and say they are bringing in tacos, another day it's Thai... Ice cream has even been brought in. I tell him that Wells will experience a revolt if they keep it up much longer and then cut everyone off from the food.

Doug's dad and stepmother will be here next week. Good news: lots of help with the girls- I'll probably get a lot done. Bad news: depending on what days they are actually here we may not get our favorite babysitter -and she starts school the next week!

GAH! School! It actually begins on the 16th here. Brenna's "meet the teacher" night -for parents- is next Tuesday. She will begin the Wednesday following Labor Day. It's coming up quick.

I saw that a few Des Moines schools are actually on a year-round schedule- about 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Not a bad idea, in my humble opinion. The reasons for summers off don't apply in the metro (not many farmers here abouts) and the kids don't have such a large break to forget what they have learned.

I just heard the shower turn off... Time to get to work!


*carrie* 5:51 PM  


I'm just curious--you mentioned being glad Caelan has "become" an enjoyable child. Our little guy--almost 8 mos.--is quite a handful. Despite the smiliing photos on my blog, he is very fussy and discontent much of the time. Was that your experience? Mostof my friends have mellow babies, so I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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