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You Do What You Can

>> Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I used to live in the Twin Cities and have many friends with, shall we say, questionable lifestyles. While I was blessed to find someone who loved me in spite of my past and saw me for who I was and could be, most of the people I left behind are still struggling.

There are many of you who read of my friend E’s addiction to heroin and offered condolences when she died. Her death made me more determined to help my remaining friends- even if they resisted. And I’ll be quite honest- they are resisting plenty. Sadly, you can’t force adults into treatment if you are not direct family.

So I do what I can, like telling them about this michigan addiction treatment center. I tell them about Stone Hawk because it is a residential facility. I don’t think you can really treat an addiction unless you remove yourself from everything and really concentrate on getting well. I also appreciate that they offer life skills and a post-program job referral. When my friends completed previous treatments they didn’t have anywhere to go but back to the job that provided the constant contacts to feed their addictions. It was a vicious circle.

Life is too precious to waste. If you love someone who needs help contact this michigan addiction treatment center today. Do what you can.


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