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Watch your pocketbook

>> Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Polk County Supervisors recently heard consultants (from out of state no less) say that the Polk County taxpayers need to build a new hotel in downtown Des Moines.

This brings up several points:

  • First, why are the supervisors even considering this? If Des Moines needs another hotel, there are plenty of companies out there perfectly willing to build one. Guess what happens then? They generate tax revenue rather than spend it.

  • Second, what's up with bringing in consultants from Chicago and Dallas? Iowa firms not good enough for you?

  • Third, the best way to protect the investment in the Iowa Events Center is to sell it to someone who has an interest in making it profitable.


Jody 7:19 AM  

Gotta agree. I think that if the board tries to impose a tax hike for DSM to build a hotel they just might be tarred & feathered, though. I'm pretty sure people would see the fault in the idea.

Fantastagirl 7:08 PM  

Since this seems like a bad idea - I'd say it's going to happen - some politicians are not so smart.

Unknown 8:27 PM  

Just started reading your blog a few days ago... Now I know I really like your thinking!

I am not in Polk County, (also means I am not a taxpayer there) but I would be more than frustrated at some of the board's "ideas" in the past few years.

I also have to agree. The trend seems to be if it is a bad idea, it will happen.

ghuff 8:24 PM  

How right you are. In Ringgold county the supervisors are considering a new hospital, the old one takes almost 50% of our taxes, a new school, the old one is losing enrollment every year, and a new jail has been voted on and approved. BUT, a lake to provide sufficient water is starting to look like it won't happen. Where are people hiding their brains.

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