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>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm sitting in my cluttered kitchen listening to the rain/ice/sleet hit the windows and wondering if Brenna will have school tomorrow and the girls can deliver the truffles and other treats we made to teachers and the school staff. The forecast is calling for up to an inch of ice covered by 1-3" of snow. Well, we're getting the ice right now.

Hoping we don't lose power, though I'm sure the girls would think it an adventure.

I spent about 12 hours today making cookies, breads and goodies to share as gifts. Of course that 12 hours was interspersed with games of Cootie (Caelan won), book reading, laundry and one round of Toy Story 2 (I dozed off. Guess I was tired.)

I should really do some more dishes and get a couple more boxes of truffles prettily packaged. There is the box of goodies to pack to ship to IZEA tomorrow and I still need to share a recipe over at Fab Food Friday.

Here's the card I made to go with the school treats:

Well, off my rear and back to work!


Sally 6:31 AM  

Your card is so cute. What a great idea! We were supposed to get ice last night, but I think it skipped us.

Anonymous 7:14 AM  

Thunder and lightning too! I haven't gone out yet to shovel the walk and see how long it' going to take to clear the ice off my car. Spring can be here any time!

Love the card!

The Fritz Facts 7:42 AM  

I love making treats for gifts! It is such a great way to say thank you. Tomorrow is baking day for us, and we might get snowed in again!

Paula Reece 1:45 PM  

Ooh, no school today. Well, if you're looking for a place to unload all those goodies, I could PROBABLY take them off your hands... Just kidding! Too bad that you went to all that work, though. I bet the girls were disappointed! Super cute card! We'll be making treats hopefully this weekend. I'll be checking out Fab Food Friday for some recipes!

Laine 4:08 PM  

Your cards are so precious.. does help that your girls are totally adorable.. nothing to do with the chef hat and apron ;)

Melody 8:19 PM  

The card is so adorable. Hopefully Monday will be a better day and you can get the goodies delivered. I know personally I am already sick of this snow.

Tamara B 9:49 AM  

Jody, I love the hats in this picture. Scott is getting an apron for Christmas cause he loves to help in the kitchen. Bethany's will soon follow. I'd love to have hats like that for them...

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