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It's Cold Here... A Cruise Sounds Nice

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

Back before the girls joined us Doug and I were spur-of-the-moment travelers. We would check airfare rates and hop a plane to a new destination with only carry-on bags, finding a place to stay when we arrived and wander, carefree, through strange cities stopping at whatever caught our eye.

For our old lifestyle Vacations To Go would have been a great find. Who doesn’t want to save major dollars and take a cruise?

Vacations To Go has a 90 day ticker- book your cruise within a 3 month window and save hundreds (and in some cases thousands).

Interested in a Disney cruise with the kids? The Disney Wonder sails on February 5, 2009. The brochure price begins at $1099 but Vacations To Go prices begin at $399 – a 64% savings.


Or maybe you’ve been saving for a world cruise. You could sail on Cunard’s QM2 and save 50% if you can leave on February 10, 2009.

Myself, I’ve always wanted to take a trans-Atlantic trip and a repositioning cruise is a great way to get a deal on those. A repositioning cruise is when a ship leaves one port of call, like Ft. Lauderdale where is stays in the winter months, and moves to another port, like Rome or Dover, England, for the summer months. Great deals…

Vacations To Go is definitely getting added to my travel links page…



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