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From My Family to Yours

>> Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We had family portraits done for the first time in two years last weekend. Just in time for Christmas cards. We went to the local Clix and got a deal with lots of Christmas cards. The photo to the left is not the photos I chose for the cards...

The one below is...

I know we'll get comments like, "No one is looking at the camera" and "Why would they choose that one?" Well,I choose it because it is real. It looks like we are sitting and talking in front of a Christmas tree. It doesn't look staged or forced. And it just feels happy to me.

We actually got a lot of great shots and it was VERY difficult to narrow them down. Like this one... I think Caelan looks like she's pulling a fast one...

And this one where Brenna is looking on as Caelan tries to gather all the lights she can...

And this one where they are both more concerned with the lights than with the camera.

Of course we had to get pictures of just the girls... They were being so good...

I'm sure the promise of Marble Slab ice cream had NOTHING to do with that...

Caelan is concerned with the glitter on her hands in this one...

Doug and I even had pictures taken...

Just us...


I'm pretty sure he was so patient because of the ice cream, too!


Sally 10:13 PM  

I like the one you chose. I agree about liking the more natural poses. We had a hard time getting a picture of all 3 of us where we look normal.

jennhuff2004 5:55 AM  

it's amazing what we can get men to do for ice cream.

Marie 6:00 AM  

Very nice!

~*~Jenni~*~ 7:54 AM  

Those turned out GREAT! I love your choice!

Tia 4:51 PM  

Great pictures! Love the one you used for your card! Merry Christmas!

The Fritz Facts 8:40 PM  

I love the one you picked! Non-forced pictures are much more personal to me.

You guys look great!! I love the girls outfits!

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