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Damn Murphy... I Think He Must Like My Cooking

>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Murphy has been here for a few days. You all know good ol' Murph, right? Mr. Can & Will Go Wrong himself, has been visiting us for the past few days.

It began when our water heater began dispensing boiling water. I'm talking 200+ degree water coming from the tap the minute you turned it on. My dad, who is a handy guy to have near by, came over and said it might just be the thermostat. So we turned it off for the night. Of course it couldn't be that easy as we found out when Doug went to light the pilot light the next morning and found a nice rusted-out gaping, leaking hole that had managed to leave our storage room quite wet.

Hello new water heater and goodbye to my thoughts of a new pink Acer Aspire One... A light & lovely 8.9" laptop with Windows XP {sigh}...

Then, today, on his way into work Doug had to fill the tires on his car... Again. So he asked me to call our mechanic and see if he could get in to have the tires checked for leaks today. Turns out it wasn't the tires but the brakes.

Of course this happened after I told him that I really wanted to attend BlissDom, a blog conference in Nashville this February.

So now we've spent a bit over $3000 in two days which has eaten up our entire emergency fund and then some. We've got to begin the Baby Steps all over again.

So... If anyone out there feels like donating a lovely little laptop for me to review or sponsoring my trip to the conference let me know. I'm sure we can work out a deal...

Acer? United Airlines? Target? Anyone???

Bueller? Bueller?


The Fritz Facts 5:39 PM  

That is the laptop that I want too! They are so nice, and such a compact size.

So sorry that all these things went wrong. Never a good time, and espcially hard when your emergency fun gets depleted.

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