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More Great Stuff on Sale at Sears

>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sears just released their sales ad for this weekend and it’s full of great buys. Seriously,I haven’t been in Sears for a couple of years but I may have to head out. If only to buy these sheets:

Fuzzy, warm flannel sheets for $19.99. Any size! It might keep me from wearing socks to bed. (Honestly, is it colder this year or is it just me? I can’t seem to get warm…)

OK, so maybe flannel sheets don’t get you out of your chair (you must live someplace warm). How about a Magellan GPS for $169? Or 50% off a Craftsman 16 drawer tool/storage combo (#62308/62221/62309), on sale for $299.97- save $300!

The Sears 3 Day Sale runs from today (December 4) thru Saturday (December 6) .

New Christmas PJ’s- 60% off (maybe even in flannel!), purses and wallets 40-50% off, a Kenmore 7 qt slow cooker for $39.99 (great for nice hot stews!), down and down alternative comforters 55% off (to go with the new sheets)… Other than the purses I think I see a theme here…

And, just in case you aren’t fully in the Christmas spirit, you can get GE Christmas light sets for $7.99. You know, to brighten your spirits.



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