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Do You Save With AAA?

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If you're a AAA member in Iowa or Minnesota and you are signed up to receive their member deals be sure to check your email! The email is titled "Member Deals from AAA" and has a FREE photo calendar from Shutterfly! I'm going to make mine tonight right now as a gift.

Other great deals include:
20% off Sirius satellite radio & all accessories
10% off dining at Joe's Crab Shack
15% off shipping at the UPS Store
20% off flowers at 1-800-FLOWERS (another gift taken care of!)
10% off Amtrak fares
$100 per day off Alaskan Cruises with Holland America

And many more!

Our AAA membership costs $74 annually, but the savings (as well as the piece of mind) reimburse us easily.


Jill 2:47 PM  

I am a member and I quite often forget to ask for AAA discount. Especially this time of year, the 20% off at UPS store would really help!

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