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Joy to the World

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Brenna is a born performer. The girl has no fear, not a shy bone in her body and lives her life "on stage".

When she got the chance to sing Joy to the World on the stage at church, well, excited just doesn't begin to describe her jubilation!

We were treated to impromptu concerts up to the date of the performance and are still getting little "shows" every now and again. I hope this one makes you smile.


Sally 6:55 AM  

So cute! I love her bow at the end...a born performer!

The Fritz Facts 9:43 PM  

She is simply adorable! Better build her a stage somewhere!

Laine 4:10 PM  

awwwweee. SO adorable!!!

Amy Poindexter 9:18 PM  

She's grown up so much!! Hey, if you guys go to First Family, you probably know the PurpleFishGuts family... :)

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