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Curious About My Progress?

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have two updates over at my Flat Belly Diet blog. Unfortunately I have to wait for posts to be approved before I can link them so they may sometimes run together.

So if you're following along read Two Down first, followed by Jump Start is Done.

Although no diet is perfect this one isn't too bad. I saw results in the first 2 days (which I may have destroyed at a Christmas party put on by the consulting firm Doug works for) but I know that with a bit of moderation I will be right back on track.

Today was my first day back on "regular food" and there was too much for me to eat. Holy cow... If I can't take in all the food I'm allowed (and it's good food after you finish the Jump Start) then I'm sure to see results! (And wait til you see how much weight Doug lost in 4 days!)

Find out more about the Flat Belly Diet


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