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1-800-FLOWERS : A Follow Up to the Follow Up

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have received two, yes two, phone calls from 1-800-FLOWERS.

The first call was from Mark, the AAA liaison. He apologized for the mistakes that were made and gave me his direct number if I ever have a problem again.

Then I received a call from Lupe in the corporate office. She called to add a "personal touch" and to let me know that she understood that most people wouldn't have placed the order with a company after receiving such service, would have spent their money elsewhere and would have never bothered to tell the company about the bad service. She thanked me for sharing the problems and wanted to assure me that they would be addressed. She also gave me her personal number.

The phone calls were what has made me decide to give 1-800-FLOWERS another chance when I next need flowers. Don't get me wrong, the additional % off my order was nice, but the "personal touch" makes a difference. All I really wanted was to know that my concerns were heard and would be addressed.


Sally 5:34 PM  

Good for them. Maybe companies are figuring out that in this economic climate, they need to do everything they can to KEEP customers!

The Fritz Facts 9:42 PM  

I am so glad that they went the extra mile for you. The phone calls and the e-mail were a great thing for them to do. They know how to take care of the people that shop with them, and that is something that must companies don't know.

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