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Banish the Baby Mullet!

>> Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I had been meaning to banish the baby mullet before Christmas... Then before the New Year... But it finally happened today.

The scraggly ends were bothering me and the length didn't help her look any more like a girl.

Here's the before picture:
I'm sure that I mentioned that once upon a time I was a stylist specializing in children's haircuts. I know how to keep them quiet:
I don't think Caelan really paid any attention to the fact that I was even there. The sugary goodness had taken over...
I did raise my kids with some manners, though. She shares when requested...
Although that may have been the only time the lollipop left her mouth...
But in the end not a tear was shed And a cute haircut is crowning her little noggin.


Fantastagirl 8:37 PM  

Such a cute little hair cut for an adorable little girl!

Marie 6:58 AM  

Very cute do! And so is yours, Jody!

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