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No Habla Espanõl

>> Thursday, January 24, 2008

I remember my 9th grade Spanish class. It was awful. I’m not even sure our teacher had ever been to a Spanish speaking country. She was dull and I dreaded her class.

Sadly, I really wanted to learn Spanish. Well, really I wanted to learn French but it wasn’t offered in my small-town school, so I settled. And learned nothing.

Even more disturbing is that I believe I have learned more espanõl from Dora and Diego than I learned in a year of Spanish 1.

I do, however, expect my daughters to learn a foreign language and, living in the US, I think Spanish is probably a good first choice. Of course I hope to learn some, too. I could probably even keep up if I used an online program like eLanguageSchool.net. Their website is really easy to navigate and offers “guests” to try the program before investing.

And I see that they also offer French…


Anonymous 2:58 PM  

I'd like to see about that Rosetta Stone software. I'd like to know what the Mexican illegals at the WalMart are really saying.


Tamara B 4:21 PM  

hee, hee, you're funny! Sadly though, this half mexican isn't much better off. okay, well I do know a fair amount however i didn't do so well in the educational setting and settled for sign language instead. I went from fluent to flunking... how's that possible?

And Jarod, becuase you would never guess I'm half mexican, I do understand what those folks are saying at walmart :) I even translated for a couple the other day and they were quite surprised by this pasty white girl!

Jennifer 8:40 PM  

My son could count to five in spanish before he could in english thanks to Dora :)

Now that he is in grade 1 he takes french * all through grade school and a few credits in highschool* anyways.. according to him his mom and dad must have learned a different french because WE'RE not saying the word right! hahah.

And tonight when I was testing him on his spelling and asked him to spell " Cat" he says which cat? I said there is only ONE cat Connor spell "CAT" he goes no mommy there's cat and there's also the number quatre! cheeky little monkey!

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